What is GMP Compliance?

Good manufacturing practice or "GMP" is essential for manufacturing any pharmaceutical product intended for human consumption.  There are many interpretations of GMP which can vary widely from country to country.  

One common misconception is that GMP only covers the process of manufacturing itself. Actually GMP covers everything from the production process to other aspects such as how complaints are handled and record keeping.  The reason for this is the fact that the quality of enforcement and ensuring the safety and well-being of citizens in general is something that must be taken in a holistic sense. Essentially, most if not all the processes within GMP manufacturing are interrelated and will affect the quality of its output.  

InstantGMP™ enforces GMP requirements whenever it is used since the quality system structure is build into the application.  All of the manufacturing standard operating procedures (SOPs) are available with the application license so you don't have to update your own quality system. The SOPs cover the entire end-to-end process of manufacturing to make sure it is properly controlled and managed so you don't have to worry if your manufacturing system are in compliance - InstantGMP™ makes sure it is being done right automatically.

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