Electronic Batch Records - Master Batch Record

With InstantGMP-Lite™, you can see all your Master Batch Records anytime from anywhere.

Good Manufacturing Practices require that you have a Master Batch Record or Master Manufacturing Formula for each unique formulation and each unique batch size. This ensures that all proper ingredients are added, that each process step is completed according to an established procedure and that essential points in the process are controlled.

InstantGMP provides electronic master batch records that contain all the information required by GMPs:


Master Production Record
Master Production Records With Version Control

Master Batch Records include:

InstantGMP-Lite™ makes generating Master Manufacturing Records easy. It automatically keeps track of each MMR and each version of the Master Production Record as updates are needed. Individual steps can be defined in detail so operators will know exactly what actions to take, what controls are necessary at each step and what range of action is acceptable. All of the compliance requirements are built into the software so it’s a snap to meet GMP requirements with this application.

Electronic Batch Record SoftwareInstantGMP-Lite™: The only electronic batch record software that has pre-written SOPs and automated GMP compliance