Vape Webinar “Prepare to be Regulated”

Have you heard? InstantGMP Vape and Vapor Digest joined forces to create “Prepare to be Regulated,” a unique vape webinar for e-liquid manufacturers. The experts at InstantGMP will go over the proposed regulations and give unique insights into how you can prepare to be a regulated industry. This will be an interactive event and we[…]

Adverse Drug Reactions vs. Events, Side Effects and Medication Errors

Like pharmaceuticals, the FDA requires dietary supplement manufacturers to report any known adverse drug events, reactions, side effects and medication errors. Confusion is caused when these terms are used interchangeably. Though they seem similar, the terms do have different meanings. Adverse Drug Events (ADE) An Adverse Drug Event is any injury resulting from the use[…]

How to Maintain a Clean Room

A clean room is a heavily controlled environment where regulated products, such as dietary supplements, are manufactured. The purpose of the controlled area is to keep contaminants to a minimum in order to create high-quality products. Sources of contamination include: Facilities – Walls, floors, ceilings, air-conditioning debris. People – Skin flakes, oils, cosmetics, hair Tools[…]

Dietary Supplement Regulation By Robert Pochadt

This post about Dietary Supplement Regulation was written by Robert Pochadt, Director of Sales for InstantGMP From inside and outside the industry, uncertainty abounds; here’s what that logo on the package really means. Superheroes Unicorns GMP FDA Certification GMP Registration GMP Compliance Only two of these items actually exist. In the hyper stimulated media place we[…]

Industry Regulations: Dietary Supplements Embrace That Red Tape

This post about industry regulations was written by Robert Pochadt, Director of Sales for InstantGMP “Things done well and with care exempt themselves from fear” William Shakespeare   There’s a friend you have that I bet you didn’t know existed as such. That friend is all but invisible, embedded in orderly coded texts that lack the[…]

Join our Webinar with Vapor Digest on How to Prepare for FDA Regulations

We are proud and honored to team up with Vapor Digest to bring e-liquid manufacturers a webinar on preparing for upcoming FDA regulations deeming e-cigarettes as tobacco products! We welcome all e-cigarette industry types to join us. Here are the details: E-liquid Manufacturers: Prepare to be Regulated Tuesday, September 9th at 1 PM EST Registration[…]

InstantGMP MES v2.045.008

Here are the new updates coming from InstantGMP MES v2.045.008 Improvements Specifications signatures more flexible. Button that depletes inventory in real-time now only appears on batch production page. More data included in printable reports on specifications, batch production records, etc.

Why Dietary Supplement Consumers Should Care about GMP

Dietary supplement manufacturers benefit from GMP in various ways. Clear procedures for handling materials create a safe environment. Master Production Records provide a clear process for employees giving them peace of mind that they are doing their jobs correctly. Companies creating products using GMP save money by decreasing their risk of injuries, recalls, customer returns[…]