Requirements for Raw Materials Testing

Another great question for a member of our GMP for Dietary Supplements group: Are there any specified requirements for raw materials testing? There are specific requirements to release raw materials which are based on the final product in which the raw material will be used. If the final product is a dietary supplement, the tests[…]

FAQ Friday: Material Specifications

InstantGMP MES controls all material specifications attributes by automatically assigning part numbers. Only approved materials can be used in Batch Production Records. Here are a few frequently asked questions about the material specifications component of the software: Can I import Materials into InstantGMP? Materials can be imported into InstantGMP MES or InstantGMP Vape. This is done[…]

Air Pressure in a Supplement Manufacturing Facility

A member of our GMP for Dietary Supplements group recently inquired about positive air pressure requirements for dietary supplement manufacturing facilities. The short answer is no, there are no specific requirements and there’s no minimum for differentiating pressure (DP) for a supplement manufacturing facility. The only applicable regulation for facilities is Section 111.20 which states[…]

Our Day at Natural Products Expo East

We were thrilled to meet so many new people and learn about new products at Natural Products Expo East! Our mission? To learn how InstantGMP MES can better serve the supplement and natural product industry. Automation of GMP was a key topic, which is why we are here – to make GMP easy! Some interesting[…]

Benefits of Cloud-Based Manufacturing Software InstantGMP MES

After recording an updated demo, I was reminded of all of the benefits InstantGMP MES awards its users. It is the only cloud-based manufacturing software that guides users through a GMP workflow. It offers tools to manufacturers that that provide opportunities for increased flexibility, visibility and productivity. In addition to all the benefits of being[…]

Top Questions at E-liquid Manufacturers: Prepare to be Regulated

The InstantGMP Vape team recently presented a webinar on how e-liquid creators can prepare for FDA regulations titled E-liquid Manufacturers: Prepare to be Regulated. Attendees were encouraged to ask questions during and after the event. We had a great group of e-liquid creators eager to learn about GMP! Here are some of the best questions[…]

InstantGMP MES v2.045.009 – Service Release

Improvements Streamlined process of real-time use of raw materials during batch production. Streamlined usage of batches added to inventory. Added labels to manufacturing screen buttons. Added text wrap on Specification reports.

FAQ Friday: Batch Production Records

Batch Production Records (BPR) document the when, how, by whom with what tools and what environment a product was produced. The FDA required Batch Production Records for every batch created in a manufacturing facility. InstantGMP software allows you track batches electronically and we are asked many questions about BPR: Can I sign for someone else[…]

What is the Cloud? Is my FDA Regulated Data Safe on Cloud Software?

 Cloud software is likely part of your every day life. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Google Drive, Facebook and Netflix are all examples of cloud software. The term refers to programs that are accessed via the internet rather than a program installed your computer. InstantGMP software is also cloud-based. It is not installed on your computer. It[…]

FAQ Friday: NEW Knowledgebase for InstantGMP FAQ

InstantGMP FAQ Whether you are just getting started with InstantGMP software or a seasoned user that has a question, InstantGMP’s new Knowledgebase has all the info you need. In addition to common questions about logging in and security features, we also have helpful articles on getting started with GMP compliance  and more in-depth IT-related issues.[…]