A Brief E-Liquid Industry Update

  There remains considerable anxiety in the vape industry with its short history due to the continued lack of real regulatory clarity from FDA. That is likely a work in process; the point is, it is not complete. Additionally, there is ongoing local regulatory enactment that is beginning to regulate the manufacture and distribution, as[…]

InstantGMP and Marian Boardley Present Webinar: GMP Compliant Master Batch Records

Cary, NC – In 2014, nearly 10% of 483 observations by the FDA stemmed from issues with Master Batch Records. Improving Master Batch Records can reduce 483s, make completing your batch records easier and ultimately improve the quality of dietary supplements. InstantGMP teams up with consultant Marian Boardley to share advice on writing Master Batch[…]

E-liquid regulation: Follow-up on Utah HB 415

Utah e-liquid creators and retailers have some new rules to follow. Utah’s Governor Gary Herbert signed HB 415 into law on Tuesday, March 24th. The legislation defines e-cigarettes as tobacco products and sets new standards for: Labels Child-proof packaging Advertising Online sales Reactions to the bill have been mixed, with some vape shop owners saying[…]

Webinar: Tips for GMP Compliant Master Batch Records

  InstantGMP and Marian Boardley are joining forces to present Tips for GMP Compliant Master Batch Records. The webinar will take place on April 21, 2015 at 1:00 PM. The cost to attend is $25. In 2014, nearly 10% of 483 observations by the FDA stemmed from issues with Master Batch Records. Improving Master Batch[…]

Exporting US Products to Canada Guest Blog

Ever wonder about exporting US products to Canada? This post was written by Femi Adeoye, B. Pharm, Dip. Pharm QA/QC, RAC (Canada, EU & US), Certified Biomedical Auditor. He is also the Managing Principal Consultant for Reg-Affairs & QualiPractixis Inc. Dietary Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Herbal/Natural Medicines and some cosmetic products (e.g. certain Anti-Acne, Sunscreens products) are[…]

HB 531: New Vape Legislation in Missouri and North Dakota

Missouri HB 531 requires child-proofing of all refillable e-liquid containers. It was recently approved and faces a vote in the state’s House before moving on to the Senate. A hearing hasn’t been scheduled just yet. A similar bill is also going through the legislative process in North Dakota, HB 1186. In addition to requiring child-resistant[…]

InstantGMP Expedition: GMP in Texas and Pennsylvania

Sure, InstantGMP can be in 2 different places at once! We’ll have team members available in Texas and Pennsylvania April 15-17 to discuss your unique challenges in complying with Good Manufacturing Practices. We’d like to visit your supplement or e-liquid manufacturing facility and make suggestions on how you can improve productivity and also discover ways[…]

Proposed E-Liquid Taxes in Alabama and Vermont

An Alabama representative recently proposed HB 224, a bill that would impose a $.25 e-liquid taxes per mL of e-liquid, which would significantly increase the cost. The bill also requires that retailers only purchase from approved distributors, which would limit selection for Alabama vapers.The bill is currently being reviewed by the Ways and Means Committee.[…]

Recent Vape Regulation News out of Utah

A substituted version of House Bill 415 is currently being debated on the Utah House Floor and will be voted on soon. If passed, the bill will: Define e-cigarettes as tobacco products Issue requirements for labels and child-resistant packaging Does not preempt local legislation, so retailers and manufacturers may be dealing with conflicting legislation Restricts[…]