Barcode Scanner Function: A Guide to Using InstantGMP’s New Capability

InstantGMP’s latest release includes the ability to use a barcode scanner. This new functionality also comes with a new e-signature scheme, which allows users to sign off on materials, batch records and other production tasks required by cGMP. The barcode scanner can also be used during material receipt and inventory use. The following video demonstrates[…]

Preventing Online E-cigarette and Tobacco Sales

Representative Rosa DeLauro introduced the Stop Tobacco Sales to Youth Act of 2015 (HB 3042) yesterday. The bill is basically an amendment to the Jenkins Act, which prohibits the interstate sale of tobacco products. HB 3042 would add electronic cigarettes and related products to this bill, which would prohibit businesses from selling products over the[…]

InstantGMP and Muscadine Products Corporation

Muscadine Products Corporation (MPC) manufactures a variety of muscadine-derived products including powders, juices and jellies. Their paper system for organizing manufacturing records was difficult to manage and had a tendency to get messy being in a facility that produced juices. MPC began using InstantGMP MES in October, 2014. With all of their records contained in[…]

A Smooth Process Increases Manufacturing Confidence for MSC

Muscadine Products Corporation (MPC) manufactures a variety of muscadine-derived products including powders, juices and jellies. Prior to discovering InstantGMP MES, the company used what Erin Boettger, Quality Assurance Director, describes as a “loose paper system”. “We had checklists, logs and loose paper everywhere. It was difficult to track. Being in an environment where we produce[…]

Vape Industry Bills Under Consideration in Massachusetts

Several bills that could affect the Massachusett’s vape industry will be heard by the Joint Committee on Public Health on Tuesday, July 14th. Some of the bills are standard, such as HB 3466 which bans the sale of vape products to minors, but others may have a profound effect on vape businesses operating within the[…]

Senate Bill 140: California Hearing on Vape Legislation

On Wednesday, July 8th, the California Committee on Governmental Organization will hold a hearing in consideration of Senate Bill 140. The bill would define e-cigarettes as tobacco products and hold retailers to the same licensing fees and rules as tobacco products. This means: Vaping will be prohibited indoors, including vape shops. Customers in vape shops[…]

Webinar: Federal, State and Self-Regulation of E-cigarettes

InstantGMP Vape, Vape Mentors and EAS Consulting are teaming up to present Dealing with the Man: Federal, State and Self-Regulation of E-cigarettes. The webinar will take place on Tuesday, July 28th at 1 PM ET.  The FDA released its initial proposals for regulating e-cigarettes on April 24th, 2014. The rules would “deem” e-cigarettes as tobacco[…]

InstantGMP Vape, Vape Mentors and EAS Consulting to Host Webinar on E-cigarette Regulations

InstantGMP Vape is teaming up with Vape Mentors and EAS Consulting to host a webinar on Federal, State and Self-Regulation of the e-cigarette industry. With federal regulations on the horizon and states enacting their own legislation, the industry is in a state of constant change.  Committed e-liquid manufacturers have taken steps to self-regulate and lead[…]

InstantGMP MES update includes New Features & Other Improvements

The latest version of InstantGMP MES will be available Thursday, July 9th and will include the following features and improvements: Barcode Scanning Users will now have the ability to scan barcodes into the InstantGMP system, which will save time on material handling. The barcode scanning capabilities also come into play with the new e-signature scheme,[…]