FDA to CBD: You Are Not a Dietary Supplement

Hank Schultz wrote up a piece via Nutra Ingredients USA that the FDA sent out warning letters to eight companies marketing dietary supplements containing CBD. The letters also mention illegal drug claims based on CBD being the active ingredient in two drugs currently in development. What is CBD? Cannabidiol (CBD) is a fraction of the[…]

Indiana Looking to “Shake Up” the E-Liquid Industry with Regulations

House Bill 1432 authored by an Indiana Representative Kevin Mahan is turning heads. The Bill is looking to set a legal definition of an e-liquid, and require manufacturers of e-liquids to undergo rigorous standardization lest incurring civil or criminal penalties. Portions of the bill have passed and are slated to go into effect in July[…]

InstantGMP Version 2.054.001: Release notes and more!

We have upgraded to InstantGMP Version 2.054.001 has been released and your instances have been updated. Improvements Automatic conversion of Unit on BPR Instructions to Material Unit. Automatic conversion of Unit on BPR Instructions Usage on multiple lines to Material Unit. Fixes On some instances when Inventory levels where above 100% the application experience a[…]