Batch Production Accelerator

Expand Your Operation with InstantGMP™ MES

InstantGMP™ MES is a Batch Production software is ideal for companies looking to scale up operations and seeking crowdfunding, additional capital, Series B funding, or investments for expansion. The software creates a structured manufacturing foundation, provides a quality, competitive edge, and creates a scaling blueprint for success.

Putting Essential Building Blocks in Place

The path to sustainability, scalability, and vertical integrability begins with managing and organizing manufacturing processes with InstantGMP™ MES software.

Benefits of InstantGMP™ MES:

  • Maximizes production uptime
  • Streamlines operations
  • Increases the number of batches able to be produced
  • Reinforces quality checks
  • Provides complete supply chain tracking and traceability
  • Allows batch sizes to be scaled up or down with a single click

While no investment is entirely safe, Investors appreciate that InstantGMP™ MES decreases the risk associated with investments in expanding cannabis, hemp, and CBD companies.

Competitive Edge as a Quality Trailblazer

As more and more states and municipalities legalize, inferior quality product and oversupply become a more significant issue that can wreak havoc on valuations and can create consumer concern. InstantGMP™ MES establishes a quality system, improves brand trust with increased product quality and consistency, and gives companies a competitive edge with their product.

InstantGMP™ MES is not a seed to shelf software, but exceeds the current industry standards for quality assurance checks and proactively complies with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) found in other industries.

Batch Production Sustainability, Scalability, and Vertical Integration

When using InstantGMP™ MES software, producing the best products possible encourages long-term sustainability, quick scaling, and vertical integration. Additionally, companies that manufacture high quality and consistent batches can achieve both customer trust and capital efficiency, which is key to demonstrating value to shareholders.

  • Sustainability
  • The built-in workflows of the software help companies run like a well-oiled machine that can continuously pump out brand-elevating products while efficiently mobilizing personnel and materials. 
  • Scalability
  • Built-in features enable companies to seamlessly scale up production and avoid “growing pains” associated with ramping up.
  • Vertical Integration
  • Pivoting to new products, new markets and adding new formulations are a breeze. Companies can then focus on expanding sales channels and diversifying product offerings.

Additional Solutions

  • Implementation Package – With our Implementation Package, our team of experts create and model a company’s process within InstantGMP™ MES before taking staff through an immersive software training curriculum and provide ongoing support. On average, companies can execute day-to-day operational use of the software within 3 months, as opposed to other implementation programs that can take up to a year.
  • Standard Operating Procedures – Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are documents to form the foundation of a quality system.