InstantGMP, Inc.’s Groundbreaking Greenfield Grant Winner to be Announced at MJ Biz Con Vegas

Helping Cannabis, CBD, Hemp, and Medical Marijuana Startups Hit the Ground Running Cary, NC September 28th, 2018 – InstantGMP, Inc., along with a partnership with the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA), and National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) created the Greenfield Grant to provide startups with an encompassing quality management system[…]

E-Vapor Law Symposium – Early Bird Registration Still Available, Save $500

Attention E-Liquid Companies: Are you ready for 2017? Regulation deadlines are fast approaching, but the E-Vapor Law Symposium is here to get you ready. Keller and Heckman are leaders in the FDA legal landscape. They are hosting an E-Vapor Law Symposium in their Washington, D.C. offices on Thursday, February 2 – Friday, February 3, 2017.[…]

Are Art and Design the Future of Biotech?

When you think about biotech and medical devices, do you connect their design with art and design students? Traditionally, tech and devices have been born from the minds of engineers and scientists, but the Biodesign Summit in New York City hosted these students to show off their conceptual designs. Students from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute designed[…]

InstantGMP Expedition: GMP in New York

InstantGMP Expedition is off! The InstantGMP team heads to The Empire State July 20th-24th! We are interested in the unique challenges that New York supplement and e-liquid manufacturers face in complying with Good Manufacturing Practices. Let’s work together to find solutions for your company and the industries at large. Please contact us if you’d like[…]

World Vapor Expo Recap

The InstantGMP Vape team had a blast at World Vapor Expo in Miami! Mark Brucker of Sensory Solution spoke about Good Manufacturing Practices in the e-liquid industry. We were impressed with his testing standards. He uses a gas chromatography test on the nicotine used in Sensory Solution’s products. We were quite disappointed some of the[…]

Engredea: New Products and the Definition of Natural

InstantGMP visited Engredea. The question of defining the word “natural” pervaded the event. How much sugar or processing can occur for a product to be considered “natural”? What about insect and botanical waxes, unidentified essential oils and “natural” colorings and flavorings? There many differing opinions and it seems there are still more questions than answers.[…]

InstantGMP Attending Engredea Expo in Anaheim!

The InstantGMP Team is excited to be attending Engredea March 6-8 in Anaheim, California! This year, the conference will focus on addressing the challenges of creating quality natural products and supplements. Engredea features seminars on clean labels, improving the manufacturing process and the future of the natural products market. This conference is co-located with Natural[…]

Supply Side West: Industry Insights, Quality and GMP

Our Supply Side West experience began with unique insights about the natural products industry. Trending topics at the United Natural Products Alliance and Dan Fabricant’s Keynote session included regulatory issues, contaminants, increased focus on claims and defining he word “natural”. Fabricant pointed out that whether you like it or not, the U.S. government plays a[…]