Happy Holidays From InstantGMP, Inc.!

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InstantGMP, Inc. & Dollar Dose, Winner of the Greenfield Grant, are Primed to Set the Quality Standard for Recreational Cannabis

In June of 2018, InstantGMP, Inc. launched the first of its kind grant, the Greenfield Grant, for startups in Cannabis processing, CBD, and Hemp to help companies hit the ground running with batch and quality management software, InstantGMP™ TNT, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and expert-led companywide roll-out. The prizes offered in the Greenfield Grant assist[…]

2018 Farm Bill Passes – End to an Era of Hemp Prohibition

From Marijuana Business Daily, hemp’s journey through the regulatory maze has been unique thus far. The 2018 Farm Bill’s passage represents an end to several decades’ prohibition of cannabis byproducts by moving hemp from the classification of a cannabis derivative to an agricultural good. The 2014 Farm Bill gave states the right to regulate hemp[…]

InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.010.001

InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.010.001  New Functionalities Quality Management System Deviation Log The Deviation Log documents and monitors deviations generated during batch production or entered ad-hoc and ties them to corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs) as part of the complete Quality Management System. Effectively tracks and manages deviations Record investigations and the root causes[…]

Want Top Performing EBR’s? Think Outside the Document!

From our own Director of Sales, Robert Pochadt, short piece entitled: Want Top Performing EBR’s?Think Outside the Document! Want Top Performing EBR’s? Think Outside the Document! (Powerpoint) Related Posts:InstantGMP, Inc. and CfPA Present: Electronic Batch…Customization & IntegrationElection 2016: The Future of Pharma Under ClintonElection 2016: The Future of Pharma Under TrumpDEA: Hemp CBD is a Schedule I[…]

InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.009.202 

InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.009.202                      11/07/2018 New Functionalities Improvements Fixes When the text in “Actions” on a BPR manufacturing instructions were longer than the size of the screen, it didn’t properly “text wrap” on the screen. When Dynamic Fields were marked as “Required”, the content was not always saved after the confirmation of the[…]

InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.009.101

InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.009.101 New Functionalities Now we can configure a client instance to Request FG and oWIP Related Posts:FAQInstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.002.007 and…ProductsFeature FeedbackPartial Receipts & Split LotsInstantGMP Release notes for version 3.001.101

InstantGMP™ Software’s Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Presentation at Genexus Conference

Angelo Nardone, InstantGMP, Inc.’s Chief Technology Officer, recently presented InstantGMP™ software‘s Internet of Things (IoT) platform and covered how devices like equipment, network devices, sensors, actuators, and much more can be leveraged within the software suite. These integrated pieces of equipment are fully connected to several aspects and modules within InstantGMP™ to provide a smarter,[…]

InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.009.002

Fixes Under certain circumstances the Integrated scales didn’t receive the command WEIGHT from the application Related Posts:InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.002.007 and…FAQ3.002.002 Release NotesInstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.009.001InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.009.001InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.002.001

InstantGMP, Inc. Announces Pivotal Automated Software Validation for Its Manufacturing Execution System

Adopters of electronic software solutions are required to complete various computer system validations outlined in the FDA’s Quality System Regulations (QSR), 21 CFR 820.75, and in the General Principles of Software Validation; Final Version for Industry and FDA Staff. Thus, InstantGMP, Inc., creator of the InstantGMP™ suite of software created test scripts in the latest[…]