InstantGMP Inc.’s New Picklist Feature Brings Order to Product Life-cycle Management Chaos

InstantGMP, Inc., the company behind InstantGMP™ PRO, announces the release of their newest premier feature, the inventory picklist. The picklist feature joins a growing list of improvements that make this robust software solution for regulated industries stand out from the crowd. This feature takes product life-cycle management to an entirely new level and is advantageous[…]

InstantGMP, Inc., Developers of the Cutting-Edge Software InstantGMP™ PRO Welcomes New Director of Business Development, Melissa Gammell

InstantGMP, Inc., the developers behind the affordable all-in-one manufacturing and quality software, InstantGMP™ PRO welcomes the newest arrival to the team, Director of Business Development for Pharmaceuticals and Biotech, Melissa Gammell. Ms. Gammell comes from German-based instrumentation company, Satorius, and is ready to make an impact on the industry. A veteran of the pharmaceutical sales[…]

InstantGMP, Inc. Announces Start of the Industry Groundbreaking Greenfield Grant for Cannabis & Hemp

InstantGMP, Inc. in conjunction with the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA), and the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) are happy to announce the 2019 Greenfield Grant – the only contest in the cannabis, CBD, and hemp markets that helps companies become industry superstars. Crowning of the winner will be at[…]

InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.011.005  

InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.011.005                      New Functionalities New “Inventory History” report allows users to view and export all transactions involving inventory. Fixes Under some circumstances the QuickBooks Requisition export utility show empty units for materials The Inventory Label Design was not properly wrapping some values   Related Posts:InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.011.001Software ModulesPartial[…]

InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.011.004 

InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.011.004                       New Functionalities Delete and Hide functionalities where added to Facilities, Rooms and Bins   Improvements “Storage Condition” field was added to the list of fields on Inventory Label Design Related Posts:InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.011.001InstantGMP™ Cannabis Track &[…]

InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.011.003        

InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.011.003                        New Functionalities Improvements When approving a Dispensed Picklist for Production (associated with an MPR), the pick list cannot be approved until all the dispensed Receipts are in an APPROVED status. Fixes When “Use Material” is clicked on a BPR manufacturing instruction that is associated with a Picklist, the[…]

InstantGMP, Inc. Releases California Cannabis Annual License SOP Set

InstantGMP, Inc. Releases California Cannabis Annual License SOP Set InstantGMP, Inc., the developer of the affordable all-in-one California track and trace software, InstantGMP TNT™ recently released a unique set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for applicants of the California cannabis annual licenses. Not only has this set assisted companies with successful applications but also laid[…]

InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.011.002

New Functionalities Improvements Documents versioned up and approved will automatically create a new training action for personnel where the previous version was assigned as part of their training When adding a new Document or Equipment to a training Group, the system will automatically assign those to personnel members of those Groups Fixes Under certain circumstances[…]

InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.011.001

InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.011.001                      04/08/2019   New Functionalities Materials and Material’s Specifications can be deleted if they are not used on any Project or Requisition. When a Material is deleted, all the specifications associated with that Material will be deleted automatically. A new column on Batch Production Record summary screen called “Review Started”[…]

InstantGMP, Inc. Announces the Release of an All-in-One Affordable Quality Management System, InstantGMP™ QMS

2/6/2019 Cary, NC – InstantGMP, Inc., creator of the InstantGMP™ batch and quality management software, announces the release of an all-in-one affordable quality management system, InstantGMP™ QMS. Designed by quality and regulatory experts, InstantGMP™ QMS is a quality management system (QMS) software that satisfies a renewed commitment to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) compliance through a complete[…]