InstantGMP, Inc. Introduces Powerful Facility Control Feature with Room Logs Interacting with Production Records

InstantGMP, Inc., the developer behind InstantGMP™ Batch Management software, announces added capabilities to a classic software feature that focuses on achieving complete facility connectivity through integrated room logs. This update provides manufacturers and processors with the ability to achieve interactive control of a facility’s role in production, such as “Clean Rooms” to improve batch quality.[…]

InstantGMP, Inc. Debuts Game-Plan for Success: Maximize Production Uptime with Enhanced Equipment Logs Feature

  InstantGMP, Inc., the developer behind the acclaimed InstantGMP™ Batch Management software released a much-anticipated enhancement to the Equipment Logs feature. With this new feature, companies can wield highly interactive equipment while automating production. The Success Game-Plan X’s and O’s How do you maximize production uptime while decreasing downtime? That is the million-dollar question for[…]

InstantGMP, Inc. Debuts InstantGMP™ MES Track & Trace Software for CA Recreational Cannabis Regulations

 Cary, NC – InstantGMP, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of a complete software solution for CA recreational cannabis manufacturers, processors, and distributors called InstantGMP™ MES Track & Trace. InstantGMP™ MES is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that includes built-in current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) workflows, along with numerous modules including Inventory Management, Equipment Control,[…]

Inventive New Feature from InstantGMP, Inc.: Document Management System Integrated with Electronic Batch Records

Inventive New Feature from InstantGMP, Inc.: Document Management System Integrated with Electronic Batch Records 11/1/2017 Cary, NC – InstantGMP™ Electronic Batch Record software now features an inventive new feature, a Document Management System (DMS). Enjoy the ease of precision through the DMS’s integration with Master and Batch Production Records as the feature automatically checks document[…]

InstantGMP, Inc. Announces Unprecedented Game Changing Feature to Electronic Batch Record Software

Cary, NC: June 26, 2017.  InstantGMP, Inc. announces a remarkable technological advancement to its batch management software, InstantGMP™. InstantGMP™, Inc. is the developer of the only affordable cloud based software that manages and organizes the manufacturing of products regulated by the FDA. This release features a transformative new feature called Dynamic Fields that give users[…]

InstantGMP, Inc. and CfPA Present: Electronic Batch Records: Benefits and Implementation Planning Online Training Course

InstantGMP, Inc. and the Center for Professional Advancement (CfPA) have collaborated on a course entitled, “Electronic Batch Records: Benefits and Implementation Planning” InstantGMP, Inc. and CfPA have designed this course with cGMP manufacturing professionals looking to improve or enhance their process, traceability and FDA compliance with electronic batch records in mind. This course invites professionals[…]

InstantGMP™ INV, First Affordable Cloud-Based, Validated cGMP Inventory Management Software

Cary, NC – InstantGMP, Inc. is announcing the release of InstantGMP™ INV, the first affordable cloud-based, fully validated cGMP inventory management software system for manufacturers regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that also complies with 21 CFR Part 11. InstantGMP™ INV fulfills a need for manufacturers within the FDA regulatory sphere that must[…]

InstantGMP, Inc. Adds Impressive New Features & Functions in v3.002.001

  Cary, NC – InstantGMP, Inc. announces a new update to their Electronic Batch Record software, InstantGMP™ v3.002.001. New features and functionalities have been added after listening to feedback from users. These new features and functionalities take the software to a new level and makes manufacturing with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) even simpler. Split Receipts[…]