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 Cloud software is likely part of your every day life. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Google Drive, Facebook and Netflix are all examples of cloud software. The term refers to programs that are accessed via the internet rather than a program installed your computer.

InstantGMP software is also cloud-based. It is not installed on your computer. It is accessed via the internet from a unique, secure link with a username and password. You can access InstantGMP from any computer, laptop or tablet with an internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox. If you are using multiple computers, it’s important to bookmark the link provided to you on each machine. As a security measure, your unique link cannot be accessed via Google search or even through the InstantGMP homepage.

The information that you enter into InstantGMP “lives” on servers that are located in a secure, environmentally controlled computer center in Durham, NC. The server features redundant power supplies, back-up generators and  multiple internet service providers to ensure that your data is safe and available at all times.

Benefits of cloud software include:

Improved accessibility – Employees can access InstantGMP from any device that is connected to the internet, provided they have the credentials.

Reduced costs – Licensing fees and upgrades to your hardware for installed programs can add up. Since all you need to access cloud software is an internet connection, there is no need to file a licensing fee for each machine.

Easy software updates – Updates to cloud-based programs can be done off-site, making them fast and easy with minimal disruption to your everyday activities.

If you have any questions about about InstantGMP cloud-based manufacturing software, please visit our Knowledgebase.


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