September 8, 2016

Compliance & Software Feature Survey

Hello and welcome to InstantGMP, Inc.'s quiz! Please take a moment to answer the questions. All of the questions are voluntary and will be kept confidential. We're still learning about the the compliance, manufacturing, and quality needs of certain industries. as well as what potential customers want in a manufacturing software in terms of features. If you'd like to learn more about our solutions, please check out our:

Which selection best describes your industry?
How do you currently manage documentation of process controls?
What is the greatest challenge of handling records?
What Federal, state, county, etc mandates is your company focusing on?
What is unclear about compliance in your business?
What do you wish was easier and/or what do you wish was more automated?
Do you feel that being compliant is baked into your business model out of necessity or as a measure to edge out competition?
Would you be interested in learning about automating traceability and real-time electronic records?
Would you be interested in becoming a case study to measure your compliance gaps and assess the achieved ROI after using our software?

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