October 21, 2016

Live Software Demo


InstantGMP, Inc.'s software is a role-based software designed to reinforce the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) required by regulatory agencies. The software works by assigning various aspects of the GMP workflow to different roles. A Project Manager (PM) handles the management of production, while the Quality Manager (QM) handles quality assurance and verification that all required steps were taken. Personnel with the roles of PM and QM will see and interact with the software differently. To experience the full breadth of the software, take some time to use it as both roles. In addition to PM and QM, there are other roles that can be assigned with different permission levels. To see how the software works and to see how InstantGMP™ can integrate with your current manufacturing process, feel free to simulate production using your company's information. 

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Login Instructions:

Project Manager: PM01 and pass1233 for the password

Note: You can switch between PM and QM by clicking the dropdown in the upper right-hand corner without having to logout and login:


Quality Manager: QM01 and pass1233 for the password

Demo Workflow Instructions:

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Note: All information input is not saved and this demo resets every 24 hours