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Changing From Paper Based to Electronic Manufacturing

Cary, NC – The Quality and Manufacturing experts from InstantGMP, Inc. will be conducting a webinar on October 4th, 2016 entitled “Changing from Paper-Based to Electronic Manufacturing of FDA Regulated Products”.

Despite all the technology we use to automate our daily lives, manufacturing documentation remains paper-based and can cause many problems from cross-departmental miscommunication, redundancies, errors, and other inefficiencies. Many companies have thought about making a switch to Electronic Batch Records, but are unsure about how to undertake such a challenge or how to champion the cause within a large company across multiple stakeholders.

Gretchen Rizor, cGMP and Process Consultant, will be leading the presentation and discussion about how to prepare for and implement the change from a paper-based system to Electronic Batch Records. She will address everything from defining expectations, challenges in making the transition, overlaying your process on electronic systems, and much more.

Most importantly, this webinar will empower those considering the move and help them assess whether or not it will benefit their organization to do so.

Directors and managers from Production, Quality, and Operations are invited to attend. Quality Assurance and Line Management are encouraged to attend, as well.

The webinar will be conducted online and viewers are invited to send questions in ahead of time or during the Q&A session following the presentation. Each attendee will receive an “Audit Criteria Checklist” created specifically for this event.

Registration is $25 per person and can be done online. The official date is Tuesday, October 4th at 2pm Eastern Standard Time. Learn more about the webinar or register by clicking here.

About InstantGMP, Inc.

InstantGMP, Inc. is the brain-child of Dr. Richard Soltero. Dr. Soltero created InstantGMP™ MES after being unable to find a sufficient software system that would comply with regulations and help streamline the manufacturing process of pharmaceuticals.

Today, the software has grown and evolved to help those in many industries comply with their regulations or simplify their production process. With a full suite of Standard Operating Procedures, software, consulting, and more, the experts at InstantGMP, Inc. can help your organization take their quality to a new level without breaking the bank.

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