January 26, 2016

Batch Production Record

InstantGMP Batch Production Records Diagram


Batch production records are exact copies of the master production record. One click allows for production of a new batch production record. Before production can begin, the batch record must be electronically signed and issued by a member of the quality team. All information needed in the batch production record is easily located under the following tabs:

InstantGMP Batch Production Records Tabs

InstantGMP Batch Production Records (BPR)

Each step under the manufacturing instructions provides all the needed information to complete that step. Links to room logs, equipment logs, and attached documents provide one click access for completion and verification of required entries.

InstantGMP Batch Production Records Screenshot

Material usage at an individual step is automatically recorded and updated in inventory. The history of all materials used are tracked in the system. InstantGMP will:

  • Generate unique material receipt, batch and production numbers.
  • Keep track of when a product is planned for production
  • When a product was produced
  • The quantities of raw materials and ingredients that went into a batch
  • Which lots of raw materials and ingredients were used
  • The actual manufacturing steps that were followed and the results obtained
  • Any deviations that were investigated and resolved
  • Electronic time-stamped signatures of performers, reviewers and quality

Picklists can be used to create bills of materials prior to batch record production. They can be especially useful in high volume production facilities where production planning and staging are critical.