October 2, 2017

Document Management System


Document Management System

The Document Management System is a newly offered feature for our InstantGMP™ Electronic Batch Record software. It is also available as a standalone purchase.

Changes Made Easy: When a user receives an e-mail notification, a link takes them directly to the file that needs review and editing

History Log: Users can view a document’s history that includes information about what was changed, by whom, where and when

Standardized Nomenclature: Each document has a classification, type and an assigned sequential number to ensure each document record is unique and easily searchable

Customizable Nomenclature: Classifications and types can be customized by the user

Simple User Interface: Users can see all document information such as version number, status, effective date, etc. at a glance

Updating Made Easy: Interactive icons allow users to print a cover page, version up, and copy records

Role-Based: Roles have built in permission sets allowing control over who can initiate, write, edit, and sign or simply read a record

Digital Signatures: Users sign with their digital signatures or sign by scanning their secure barcoded personnel badge to generate a part 11 compliant signature

System Notifications: Approvers are notified by email when a document is ready for review or approval

Batch Record Connection: Documents are hyperlinked within Master Records and Batch Records

One Click Batch Record Updates: When a controlled documents is versioned up, its status is shown in batch records where MPRs can be updated with new document versions with a single click