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Maximizing facility and equipment uptime while decreasing downtime between batches is critical for manufacturer, processor, and distributor success. InstantGMP all-in-one software makes these top levels of efficiency possible by creating a digital connection across your facility, so your equipment and overall operation can run at top uptime. Key to your success is InstantGMP:

Equipment Logs

Room Logs

Bin Location



Success in manufacturing requires your equipment to be maintained regularly and operated appropriately. InstantGMP helps ensure your team has the information it needs to keep up with both decreasing the risk of using incorrect or out-of-service equipment and providing complete equipment use traceability. Equipment logs provide:

  • Centralized equipment summary page with color-coded check mark status indicators
  • Simplified management of calibration, cleaning, preventative maintenance and other activities
  • Barcoded labels for equipment and handy cleaning, calibration, and preventative maintenance tags
  • Easy access to attached documents, images and video through the Document Management System (DMS)
  • Scheduled system alerts and reminders for upcoming due dates
  • Automatic status changes for equipment past grace periods and due dates
  • Pre-Production status checks at the Master Record



The InstantGMP Room Log and Bin Location features give you complete facility connectivity, increased controls and traceability at every stage.

Integrated Room Logs offer an at-a-glance view of each room’s status through a centralized room summary page with color-coded check mark status indicators. The Room Logs feature also provides alerts and drill-down capabilities:

  • Simplified management of cleaning, inspections and other activities
  • Scheduled system alerts and reminders for upcoming due dates
  • Time-saving use of Digital Signatures to record and verify activities
  • Automatic status changes for rooms past grace periods and due dates
  • Attached documents through the Document Management System (DMS)

  • Controlled room availability for batches
  • On-demand facility and room snapshot, history, and documents

The Bin Locations feature enables better tracking, traceability and reporting of materials storage at every stage and location, throughout one or more facilities. With Bin Locations users can create virtual location Bins and assign them to Rooms within Facilities:

Create virtual location Bins and assign to Rooms within facilities

Create virtual location Bins and assign to Rooms within facilities

  • Materials can be assigned to the bins and moved from one bin to another by selecting a new location and applying a digital signature
  • Many bin locations can be assigned to one room; many receipts can be assigned to a bin, and bins can be named and must be numbered
  • Changing the Bin location of a material may be facilitated by the use of a barcode scanner; users can scan the receipt label on the material to be directed to the correct screens to assign a Bin location to the receipt:
Barcode scanners enable fast matching of materials to bins
  • Changes to the bin location of all receipts is tracked in the inventory history log; users can move and track both raw materials and produced WIPs and FGs
changes are tracked in the Inventory History Log
  • Control separation of materials across facilities with location history traceability and reports FGs
Control separation of materials, with traceability and reports, across facilities

Equipment Scheduler

The equipment log moved to the next level by allowing automatically scheduled recurring activities such as cleaning, calibration and preventative maintenance. The system will independently notify team members of due dates and status updates as activities come due.


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