January 29, 2016

Inventory Management


InstantGMP™ organizes and maintains uniformity and traceability of all inventory items from ordering and receiving to real-time use of raw materials and distribution/sale of finished goods. Since the information is all in one place in a secure cloud, Quality Assurance, Warehouse and Production teams can route materials through their processes with accuracy and speed.

InstantGMP™ inventory functions provide:

  • Automatic assignment of a unique part and receipt number to every item in inventory.
  • Ability to attach of COAs, MSDS, test results and other documentation to every material receipt.
  • Signature controls for material receipt, use and disposition.
  • A history of use for each material.
  • Real-time inventory status and use updates and use update
  • Depleted inventory is updated when a BPR, DMR, DHR or MPR is created
  • Search for materials, their requisition orders and their receipts
  • Update a material's status for production
  • Barcoded labels are generated for Materials & Material Statuses
  • Labels can be scanned to expedite manufacturing step process
  • Users can assign inventory to Bin Locations
  • Effortlessly move inventory between Bin Locations
  • Utilizing the barcode scanner, users can now:
    • Scan to use a material
    • Change a material's status
    • Split receipts

The Inventory module sets the stage for a high quality process by only allowing approved materials to be used in batch lot production.