January 29, 2016

Inventory Management

InstantGMP™ software organizes and maintains uniformity and traceability of all inventory items from ordering and receiving to real-time use of raw materials and distribution/sale of finished goods. Accessible anywhere, Quality Assurance, Warehouse, and Production teams can route materials through their processes with accuracy and speed. The inventory feature sets the stage for a high-quality process by only allowing approved materials to be used in batch lot production.

Inventory Management within InstantGMP™ provides:

  • Automatic assignment of a unique part and receipt number to every item in inventory
  • Ability to attach of COAs, test results, and other documentation to received inventory
  • Complete traceability through inventory history and digital signatures
  • Real-time inventory statuses and use updates
  • Search inventory by status, requisition/purchase order, and receipt records
  • Added inventory quality controls including Use by Date, Retest Date, and Expiry Date for each receipt of each individual material
  • Alerts for out of date inventory to prevent expired materials from being used
  • Allocation of inventory to Projects or Customers for enhanced management and organization
  • An import function to seamlessly load in inventory from a legacy system

Via the Inventory Overview screen, users can interact with inventory to: