October 11, 2016

Partial Receipts & Split Lots

Users can now take advantage of partial receipts and split lots when accepting materials into inventory. Receipts are now generated by the system upon acceptance of a material into Inventory from a Requisition. The system can generate multiple receipts for materials, the software keeps track of the remaining materials, materials can be further split from the Inventory Management feature, received materials can easily be moved, and a history of partial receipts can be viewed from a centralized location.

This screenshot shows how the Requisitioned materials will show up on the Pending Receipt sub-menu item:


Once the edit button is clicked, users can elect to accept all, some, or none of a material:


Splitting a lot is as simple as clicking a button:


From the Inventory Management overview screen, users can further split the lots. Together with the barcode scanning feature that allows users to print out and affix labels to materials, splitting lots are streamlined:


Once the material is partially received, it is tracked via multiple system generated receipts for complete traceability:

Additionally, users can quickly split lots from the sidebar:


Within Inventory History, users can view the entire journey a material takes when the lot is split: