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  • Personalized view on each screen
  • Move, resize or hide columns in grids
  • Clear Control Preferences Icon clears all view settings on a screen and restores default view on that screen
  • Sort grid data by any column heading
  • Collapse and restore menu and search panels
  • Set quantity of rows to display for each grid
  • Set favorite menu items
  • Icons only inside lists; buttons with text everywhere else
  • The search and filter functions in a collapsible panel to the right
  • Search starts as soon as characters are entered (some delays may be experienced if there are a lot of records in a grid)
  • Page control, “Confirm”, “Cancel”, “Close” in the bottom panel
  • Insert icon replaced by “Add New Record“ button in bottom panel
  • Menu in a collapsible panel on the left
  • Open folder icon will indicate that the submenus are displayed and a closed folder icon will indicate that the submenus are hidden.
  • Redundant check boxes eliminated

Error messages

  • Appear at the top right of the page
  • Disappear after a few seconds, but can be recalled by clicking its tab


  • Right click on menu item adds title to favorites
  • Star icon appears in main header when a favorite is selected
  • Clicking star icon shows that specific users’ favorites only
  • Clicking on “Home” icon at the left side of “Favorites“ shows all menu items

Check mark colors have meanings

  • Grey check mark means True (selected), transparent means false
  • Yellow check mark means an action is expected
  • Green check mark means action is completed
  • Red check mark means a problem that stops the workflow

Bin Location Features

  • Facility and room specific Storage at each facility identified by Bin location
  • Materials in each facility are tracked and managed separately from the inventory at the other facilities
  • Bin Location shown on Inventory summary screens
  • History of changes in Bin Location maintained in system
  • Bin Location report shows the current inventory in a specified Bin
  • Inventory Location is accessed from Inventory Management screen
  • To assign/change a material’s location
    • Select Facility
    • Select Room
    • Select Bin where material will be stored
    • Sign and Confirm

Current Inventory Report

  • Now shows bin location of each item in inventory
  • Filters show what is in a specific bin location

Other New Features in v3.000

  • Digits and decimals
    • All numeric fields now show 6 digits to the right of the decimal
    • When there are more than 3 digits to the left, commas appear
    • A single click on the number highlights the entire number and allows it to be replaced
  • Specifications
    • When a new version after version 1 is initiated a “Reason for Change” field appears.
  • New BRP Features
    • BPR Manufacturing Instructions Summary now in grid format
  • Status column shows colored icon indicating status of manufacturing step
    • Yellow check mark means an action is expected
    • Green check mark means all actions on that step are completed
    • Red check mark means a deviation occurred and requires a QA signature
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