September 13, 2019

InstantGMP™ PRO Software Solution for Pharma & Biotech


InstantGMP™ PRO in a Nutshell

Other software specializes in aspects of quality, inventory, or document management, which can only partially fulfill companies’ needs & leaves them wanting more, especially companies in pharmaceutical & biotechnology. Our software excels because it features cutting-edge, integrated workflows that improves your level of compliance, organization, traceability, batch quality & transparency & also decreases opportunities for human error. This Manufacturing Execution System (MES) stands out from other MES software solutions because:

Electronic Batch Records (EBR)

Our EBR module streamlines & automates batch production. Almost all of the system data connects to Master Production Records (MPRs) so that personnel can quickly start preparing for production. Once personnel approves an MPR, staff can version up, copy, scale up/down & generate a BPR with a click of the mouse.

For Batch Production Records (BPRs) the system alerts staff of out of spec or out of stock materials, equipment that needs preventative maintenance or calibration, unused materials, deviations & missed production stops prior to review. If an issue arises, it can be investigated & resolved on-the-spot, as well as transferred to the Quality Management System (QMS) for further evaluation. 

Inventory Control/Management

Our inventory management module centralizes, simplifies, tracks & traces inventory through several ways:

  • Material Tracking
    • The system generates a unique profile & assigns the material a bar-coded label that tracks material use, ingredient movements & batch use
  • Status Controls
    • Once staff receives shipments, each material is placed into quarantine until a Quality Manager tests & approves them. Additionally, the system allows users to change a material status at any time
  • History
    • The inventory management module records every action for complete traceability. If personnel moves materials to a different location, sets aside a material for batch use or splits up the material lot, the inventory history provides that information. 

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Our most popular feature, the MRP, is the epicenter for production planning. The MRP automates batch staging, inventory picking, material status checking, specific vendor lot selecting, Bill of Materials (BOM) confirming, dispensing & stock purchasing. No other production planning software, production management software or production scheduling software, such as ERPs, compares to our MRP feature.

The MRP feature prevents incorrect inventory counts, expired material use, duplicated purchase orders & low stock levels.

Quality Management System (QMS)

Our QMS module controls all quality-related activities in a connected, single location. The QMS is broken down into various logs that links together the start of & completion of quality assurance activities. This module includes the CAPA log, Change Control Log, Customer Complaint Log, Deviation Log, Audit Log & Training Log

Document Management System (DMS)

Our DMS puts all your documents in one location, standardizes nomenclature, alerts users of updates, emails staff to complete reviews & approvals, stores Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) & connects documents to every other module. 

Our Software's Advantages

Software is software & we're much more than another software solution. We have cutting-edge features & modules, but we also provide numerous advantages that set us apart from the others:

  • All-in-One
    • Our customers not only receive our software, but also receive our GMP SOPs embedded in our Document Management (DMS)
  • Personal Touch
    • Our team personalizes your experience with dedicated account, training & support managers
  • Game-Plan for Success
    • Our team focuses on getting your team from zero to daily use in less than 2 months
  • Compliance & Validation
    • Our software comes fully validated & complies with GAMP 5, Parts 211 & 11
  • Organization & Management
    • Our software is like Turbo Tax. It organizes, manages & transfers your data between workflows
  • Quality
    • Our software prompts users to verify batches, equipment & inventory quality to eliminate errors & improve consistency
  • Traceability
    • Our software works forwards & backwards for complete traceability between batches & inventory
  • Accessibility
    • Our software is cloud-based - this makes your data available to all users, anywhere

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Melissa Gammell

Director of Business Development