Vape Terms

Decoding the language of the vape industry!

Accelerated Stability Used to determine the shelf life of an e-liquid.
AEMSA American E-liquid Standards Organization.
Analog A traditional cigarette.
Aqueous Glycerine (AG) A diluent used in e-cigarettes. Contains Glycerine and de-ionized water.
Atomizer Heating element in an e-cigarette.
Bar Code Machine-readable representation of data related to an e-cigarette product.
BPR Batch Production Record. Documents the when, how, by whom, with what tools and in what environment an e-liquid was produced.
CASAA Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association.
Compliance Conforming to specifications, policies, e-liquid industry standards or the law.
Consistency Conformity in processes, leading to producing the same e-liquid product each time.
Coil Heating element used to generate vapor in an e-cigarette.
CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Diacetyl Organic compound that produces a buttery flavor. Known to cause Popcorn Lung.
Diluent Diluting agent added to nicotine and flavoring in e-liquid.
e-cigarette An electronic device shaped like a cigarette containing nicotine or flavored liquid that is vaporized and inhaled.
e-liquid The nicotine or flavored liquid inserted in an e-cigarette and inhaled.
FDA 483 A form issued by the FDA to notify a manufacturer of objectionable facility conditions.
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Standard practices issued by the FDA or other standards organizations for manufacturers.
HVAC Heating, ventilation and cooling.
ISO International Organization for Standardization.
Label copy Information included on an e-liquid label.
Lot Number Identification number assigned to a particular batch of e-liquid.
Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) Paperless system used in the manufacturing process.
Material Safety Data Sheet Provides facility workers and emergency personnel with procedures for handling substances.
MBR General manufacturing instructions for producing e-liquid batches.
Menthol A mint flavoring used in e-cigarettes.
Nicotine A chemical compound used in analog cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Acts as a stimulant in small doses and is known to be addictive.
Personal Vaporizer (PV) An electronic device used to inhale e-liquid.
Popcorn Lung Inflammatory obstruction of the airways of the lungs caused by inhalation of Diacetyl.
Propylene Glycol (PG) Clear, odorless liquid used in e-liquids. Produces the vapor.
QA Quality Assurance.
Quality Conforming to specifications to create consistent e-liquid products.
SFATA Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association.
SOP Standard Operating Procedures.
Steeping Letting e-liquid sit in a dark, cool place for a set amount of time so the flavor sets in.
Throat Hit The feeling on the throat and in the lungs  that vapers experience.
Validation Confirming that a process is working the way it should.
Vape The act of inhaling e-liquid through a e-cigarette.
Vaper A person who uses e-cigarettes.
Vapor The haze or mist creating when using an e-cigarette.
Vapor Tongue Also known as flavor exhaustion. When a vaper can no longer taste the flavoring when using an e-cigarette.
Vaporizer A device that generates e-liquid into vapor.
Vegetable Glycerine (VG) A carbohydrate derived from plant oils  used in some e-liquids.
Wick Strip of material used to produce heat in an e-cigarette.