December 4, 2017

InstantGMP™ Cannabis Track & Trace Software

InstantGMP™ Track & Trace

Opening a business in any industry is a risky venture, let alone getting in on the green rush. Whether you’re raising capital, getting started or ramping up operations, our batch tracking software, InstantGMP™ TNT Track & Trace, is a cannabis track & trace solution designed for GMP compliance with state regulations.

InstantGMP™ TNT helps your brand make an impact on the industry by using CGMP standards regulated by the FDA in our batch manufacturing software. We’re different – we’re much more than Seed to Sale. Seed to Sale options specialize in a very narrow focus with limited features beyond state regulatory compliance. They’re perfect for producers and dispensaries but lack the features and built-in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) structure that processors, manufacturers, extractors, and infusers need for a competitive edge and vertical integration. No one else does it like us. Most importantly – we help you get your job done with ease. InstantGMP™ TNT software comes with our cannabis standard operating procedures (note: non-California companies receive the Full PRO Set with their license) pairs well with our Implementation Package that comes with 200 hours of expert-led company-wide software roll-out that does not interrupt daily operations and takes companies from zero to daily use in less than two months.

Note: Metrc Integration will be completed by the end of this year

What sets InstantGMP™ TNT apart from other available solutions is the fully integrated modules:

  • Quality Management
  • Document Management
  • Electronic Batch Records
  • Equipment & Room Logs
  • Inventory Management
  • State-specific Metrc integration

Our software not only improves your level of compliance, organization, traceability, batch quality and transparency, but also provides you with a game-plan for success while decreasing recall risks.

InstantGMP™ TNT Benefits:

  • Affordable, all-in-one software
  • Our software fits into your processes
  • Designed by regulatory & quality experts
  • Complete 3 Ts: Tracks, Traces & Transparency
  • No Sweat – Makes your manufacturing operation inspection & audit ready
  • Real-time inventory & batch management
  • Optimizes workflow efficiency
  • Makes equipment smart with the internet of things (IoT)
  • Zero to daily use in <2 months

Main Features of InstantGMP™ TNT

We understand
the regulations,
so you don’t have
to. Our checks and
safeguards keep
you always in

Our software is like
TurboTax. It
organizes, manages
and transfers your
data between

Our software
prompts users
to verify batches,
equipment and
inventory quality to
eliminate errors
and improve

Our software
records every action
by users and tracks
and traces batches
and inventory
for complete

We’re cloud-based
and make your
data available to
all users, anywhere

InstantGMP™ TNT Workflows

Have questions? Want to talk to a live human being?

Hi, I’m Robert Pochadt, Director of Sales at InstantGMP, Inc. I’d love to show you how our all-in-one manufacturing and quality software can help you improve productivity.

You can request a demo by completing the form on this page or give me a call at (215) 968-5414.