October 2, 2017

Document Management System

The InstantGMP™ Document Management System is available as a standalone purchase or as an optional module of the standard InstantGMP™ software.

  • Simplified management of documents
  • Organization and centralization through the Cloud-based version control
  • Notifications of record modification and Signature prompts
  • Documents searchable by category, tag, title, and more
  • Integrates with electronic batch records

With version control, visible comment logs and signature prompts emailed automatically, keeping up with Specifications, SOPs and required documentation is easy. Say goodbye to those moving shared folders and missing signature woes and say hello to peace of mind through organization.

The Document Management Solution (DMS) module seamlessly works with InstantGMP™, our flagship Electronic Batch Record (EBR) software, geared towards keeping up with all of the supporting documentation necessary for FDA-regulated production. This DMS solution is affordable, user-friendly, and streamlines the creation, editing, and archival of documents but also can be utilized with the EBR software or by itself. It is a wonderful first step to making the transition to electronic manufacturing.

Interactive Document Life-Cycle Management

Our DMS solution provides companies with a centralized, sophisticated editing controls that notifies users when action is needed. This ensures that everyone is provided with the most up-to-date approved documentation for production.

Standardized, Permanent Nomenclature: Each document created has a classification, title abbreviation, and an assigned sequential number. Classifications and abbreviations prevent accidental file name discrepancies.

Simple User Interface: From the overview screen, users can see all pertinent information such as version number, status, effective date, etc. Interactive icons allow users to edit, version up, and copy records.

Role-Based: Roles have built in permission sets allowing control over who can initiate, write, edit, and sign or simply read a record.

Digital Signatures: Like InstantGMP, users can sign with their digital signatures or sign by scanning their secure barcoded personnel badge. A timestamp with the user’s ID is captured.

System Notifications: Approvers are notified by email when a signature is needed for a document.

Change Control Logs: Each document records each and every interaction through the History Log. Every time a document is edited or changed, a brief synopsis is provided to quickly get users up to speed without the need for constant emails.

Production Record Connection: Our DMS is a stand-alone product and a module of our Manufacturing Execution system. Documents are linked as attachments within Master and Batch records and updates are communicated via intuitive icons.

Complete Solution

Today’s manufacturers are always on-the-go. Paper-based systems can be inefficient and lag behind their electronic counterparts. Companies without complete “control of their change control” are in danger of creating an unwieldy paper monster. InstantGMP, Inc.’s products and modules were born of industry needs and combining our popular EBR system with our new DMS, provides a powerful tool set that empowers companies to automate their processes in order to focus on growing their businesses.