August 31, 2017

Implementation Package

Transitioning to Electronic Batch Records

At InstantGMP, Inc., we know the struggle of creating, transitioning, or enacting new software and adopting new ways of doing things. To better help our customers get started with our software, we offer an Implementation Package that will make the transition easier. With this package, we help companies from start to finish with rolling out the software and flows needed for success. Our team of trainers, project managers, and process consultants will work with your team to best set you up for manufacturing success and to make your team confident after the changeover. The Implementation Package includes:


  • Process Evaluation & Consulting – Our process consultants review your company’s current production workflows
  • Mapping A Company Specific Flow – After reviewing your processes, our team puts together a unique and specific flow to optimize the production and quality processes
  • Configuring the Software to Match Current Operations – Our goal is to make adapting our software as smooth as possible. Our team will work to mirror important aspects of production and your unique nomenclature within InstantGMP™
  • Managing Importing Current Inventory – Our team will assist in importing all your current inventory and the current quantities on hand
  • Planning the Transition from Manual Systems to Electronic Batch Records – Making this transition is not a simple process. Our team will provide specialized training to make sure your transition is successful
  • Creating Company-Specific Master Production Record (MPR) Templates – The first one is always the hardest! We’ll help you create the templates you will be using our software for your team
  • Guiding the Implementation & Rolling Out the Software to all Users – Finally, we’ll help your team become integrated with the software and new workflows to ensure success

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