July 6, 2016

InstantGMP™ INV

InstantGMP™ INV provides fully validated, cGMP compliant workflows, and doubles as an Inventory Management solution:

  • Receipt Tracking: Each material that is requisitioned/purchased is assigned a unique receipt number that can tie a material to a particular vendor lot
  • Inventory Status Control: By default, a received material’s status is Quarantine and requires Quality Assurance to verify that this material conforms to established Specifications. Users can add attachments such as an MSDS or COA
  • Inventory Management: This extensive view of all on-hand inventory is available with real-time use updates
  • Inventory History: Every use of a material is tracked in the system. Users can quickly find batches produced with a material from a specific vendor lot and more
  • Depleted Inventory: Users can view materials that fall below a certain stock percentage and plan ahead to requisition/purchase more materials
  • Bin Locations: Materials can be added to Bins specified by users. Users can easily switch a material’s bin with the click of the mouse
  • Bar-coded Labels: The system will generate a scannable barcode label for a material. Each material received will have a label generated to reflect its status. During manufacturing, operators can scan Approved material labels to expedite their process
  • Split Lot Receipts: Accept full or partial lots of materials and also have the functionality to segment materials within the system

Key Benefits of InstantGMP™ INV

  • Automated Quality by Design: cGMP compliance is built-in, complies with 21 CFR Part 11 and fully validated to FDA’s requirements
  • Paperless: No more will you have to worry about keeping track of documentation! All of the documentation needed is kept in a centralized, cloud-based environment. Users can apply their digital signatures and documentation can be easily accessed from anywhere
  • Secure Data Entry: The software is 128-bit encrypted and two-factor authentication is needed to access the Database. Passwords are required to meet a standard of medium strength or higher
  • Real-Time Inventory Management: Each action is recorded by InstantGMP™ INV and users can keep track of each and every inventory transaction
  • Complete Material/Vendor Traceability: System generated numbers are assigned to materials and raw ingredients entered into the system. The system tracks each material transaction, its status, its conformance or nonconformance to specifications, and the system ties each material/ingredient back to specific vendor lots. System generated reports provide details for thorough traceability
  • Digital Signatures: Expedite the quality process with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant digital signatures


InstantGMP™ INV Features