January 19, 2018

InstantGMP™ INV

About InstantGMP™ INV – Inventory Management Software

InstantGMP™ INV is an Inventory Management solution designed for Biopharmaceutical and Biotech companies. Our inventory management software is ideal for companies looking to better manage and track inventory, but are not quite ready to make the complete transition from their current inventory management system to electronic batch records.

Key Benefits of InstantGMP™ INV:

Complete Material & Vendor Traceability: Track and trace every material through auto-assigned numbers entered in or received by the software

Receipt Tracking: Like materials, auto-assigned receipt numbers tie material to a specific vendor and lot number. Users can add attachments such as a CoA to each receipt

Inventory Status Control: Empower Quality Assurance is with changing statuses and verifying materials conform to Specifications. By default, each material received is a Quarantine status

Inventory History: Material tracking records each use and every action to achieve a higher level of traceability. Users can quickly identify a material’s use in batches and tie it back to a specific vendor lot

Bin Location: Take organization to a new level by seamlessly switching or assigning a material's bin location with the click of a mouse or a bar-coded label scan. All materials and bins generate a label that is easily scanned with a bar-code scanner. Seamlessly switch or assign a material's bin

Barcoded Labels: Equipment, Inventory, Bin Locations, and much more come with barcoded labels that automatically quickly relays information relating to status, date received, expiration date, retest date, preventative maintenance date, calibration date, vendor lot number, and much more. Bar-code labels allow for greater interactivity with other features and workflows found in InstantGMP™ INV

Centralized Inventory Interaction: Without having to leave the Inventory Management screen, users can seamlessly change a material’s status, change its location, split inventory, and record its usage with a bar-code scanner

Real-Time Inventory Management: Stay up-to-date with the most accurate inventory numbers! Each inventory transaction is (whether a material is changing bins or changing statuses) recorded in real-time

Partial Receipts: Easily accept partial or complete orders. The software keeps track of what has already been received

Split Lots: Users can separate receipts as needed at different points throughout the software

Digital Signatures: No need for a pen – expedite the quality process with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant digital signatures

Material Allocation: Each receipt of a material can easily be allocated to a Project or to a client for enhanced organization and management of inventory

Stock Levels: Plan purchase orders and requisitions ahead! Users can search for materials that fall below a certain stock percentage

Depleted Inventory: On a separate screen, users can find receipts that fall to zero quantity remaining

Validated: InstantGMP™ INV is fully validated to the FDA’s requirements, complies with 21 CFR Part 11, and GAMP 5 standards. Validation by users is not required

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Hi, I’m Melissa Gammell, Director of Business Development at InstantGMP, Inc. I’d love to show you how our inventory management software can help you improve productivity while keeping you in GMP compliance.

You can request a demo by completing the form on this page or give me a call at (856) 952-4906.