January 19, 2018

InstantGMP™ INV

About InstantGMP™ INV – Inventory Management Software

InstantGMP™ INV is an Inventory Management solution designed for regulated companies. Our inventory management software is ideal for companies looking to better manage and track inventory but are not quite ready to make the complete transition from their current inventory management system to electronic batch records or for companies that need instant accountability of their inventory.  Each use in the system is fully tracked with a digital signature and time stamp.  Also, the inventory system along with all parts of InstantGMP™ is fully validated to comply with all FDA requirements, 21 CFR Part 11, and GAMP 5.

Complete Material and Vendor Traceability:

All materials that are entered in the software are assigned a receipt number that accompanies the item throughout the entire lifecycle of the good.  Each part number will have a separate receipt and vendor lot number each time it is entered into the system.  This allows for complete traceability of all items based on vendor lot numbers.  In the unlikely event of a lot recall, one can finds all materials associated with the lot with one report.  No more digging through invoices and cross matching production records.

Record Tracking:

No more hassles with filing paper records related to each receipt of goods.  There are options in both the goods receipt page and inventory history page to attach items such as a CoA, in house tests or release testing. Once attached these items are part of the permanent history of the material and can easily be pulled up for reference at any time.

Inventory Status Control:

All materials enter in inventory as quarantined in order to prevent use of non-released materials. Release specifications are available in the inventory module at the click of a button allowing QA to easily review the specification and release the material to use.

Inventory Module Ease of Use:

All inventory manipulations can easily be performed in one location.  Materials can be assigned a location on a shelf or in a new plant location by simply changing bin locations.  Materials can be assigned for use in specific projects from the inventory module. If a receipt needs to be split into several new receipts for assignment or use this is easily carried out in the inventory module.  Also, by choosing any receipt in the inventory module a complete history of the item is displayed from the moment the purchase order is created to the last use of the product.  Each line item lists who completed the use and why the material was used.  Once a material reaches a zero-remaining quantity, the complete history is moved to the depleted inventory module. Any material that has ever been used in the system will be stored in the system in for future reference.


The inventory will print barcodes for materials based on the receipt number.  A barcode has preset information on it, or it can be designed for the needs of a customer.  With a quick scan of the receipt number the material is placed in the appropriate location without the need for choice.  This eliminates the possibility of error by choosing the incorrect receipt number.  Bar codes can be used in several other modules allowing ease of use throughout the system.

Material Resource Planning

Along with tracking inventory InstantGMP™ INV also has a material planning system that alerts when orders need to be placed.  This will allow for planning without the worry of not having the inventory on hand needed for production. Simply enter in the alert and minimum reorder levels and a report will show when the materials need to be reordered and the recommended amount to replace. If pick lists are used to pull materials and plan production ahead of time planner can also be set up to automatically create requisitions for operators to approve and to calculate for the expected lead time for materials.


The inventory module of InstantGMP™ INV has all the needed information in one place.  No more looking through paper logs or various computer files. Along with instant tracking of material usage this inventory system is the solution for manufacturing needs.

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