InstantGMP™ PRO

InstantGMP™ PRO GMP Software

InstantGMP™ PRO is a GMP software that utilizes Electronic Batch Records that organize and manage batch documentation, as well as reinforce Good Manufacturing Practices. The software guides users through the work flows required by Part 211 for pharmaceutical and biotech products and Part 111 for dietary supplements. InstantGMP™ PRO is an Innovative, Paperless, Interactive, FDA Compliant Batch Management Software and is best described as "Big System Capability, Little Price", as our software is very affordable for small-to-midsize manufacturers of Biologics, Biopharmaceuticals, Biotech, CBD, Hemp, and Pharmaceuticals. InstantGMP™ PRO also comes with the Full PRO Set of Standard Operating Procedures pre-loaded within the included Document Management System (DMS).

We understand that the transition from paper-based or even spreadsheet-based quality systems to a Quality Assurance software can be daunting and so we've introduced an Implementation Package. Our team of software trainers and consultants will manage the software's deployment in your environment and take you from zero to full integration with InstantGMP™ PRO.

InstantGMP™ PRO is pre-validated to comply with Part 11, GAMP 5 and the FDA requirements for computer validation. Since the software is hosted and validated in the cloud, users will not be required to do their own validation, however, OQ test scripts and support are available. Customization and Integration services are available to make this product work with your other software and to handle the processes specific to your production environment. 

Be sure to read this case study to learn about how InstantGMP™ PRO can transform your operation: InstantGMP™ Customer Case Study (Docx format)

InstantGMP™ PRO Features