January 26, 2016

InstantGMP™ VAPE

This software is ideal for manufacturers of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes. With InstantGMP™, there are a multitude of benefits that can save your company in labor and production costs by automating and streamlining your workflows. Here are some of the ways that InstantGMP™ VAPE can help you:

  • Improves the quality and consistency of your e-liquids
  • Electronically keeps track of all of your batches
  • Establishes traceability in the event of a customer complaint
  • Reduces the complexity of manufacturing batches
  • Copies existing recipes or make adjustments with ease
  • Updates inventory levels in real time
  • Scales batches with the click of a button for quick response to customer orders
  • Recalculates material quantities automatically on Bill of Materials and in manufacturing instructions

In addition, we offer a vape recipe calculator. Are you expanding? InstantGMP™ Vape can accommodate several users at once time! Be sure to inquire about pricing, users are sold by 5-user basis.

InstantGMP™ VAPE Features