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After the initial installation and set up, you will use these instructions any time you want to coordinate your InstantGMP™ and QuickBooks inventory data.

1.    Open QuickBooks Desktop

  • QuickBooks must be open before the InstantGMP Material Export app can run
  • It is highly recommended that you backup your company file before using the export app for the first time

2.    On the same computer, open the InstantGMP Material export application

  • When the InstantGMP Material Export establishes a connection with QuickBooks Desktop, it checks which version of the qbXML specification is supported by the version of QuickBooks that is currently running.
  • The InstantGMP Material Export will branch and deal intelligently with differences between different versions of the qbXML specification.
  • Data exchange will be under the control of the business owner. Data will be exported from the InstantGMP application in a way that all data coming into QuickBooks can be reviewed and edited prior to export.
  • During the first use of the QB Exporter, the following U/M sets will be installed or updated in QuickBooks: bottle, box, carton, ea, fl oz, ft, g, gal, in, kg, L, lb, m, mg, mL, oz, shipper, tblsp, tsp.
  • During the first use of the QB Exporter, an Income Account = InstantGMP will be added or updated.

3.    Open your InstantGMP software and navigate to the “Inventory Use” screen.

4.   Click the “Download Current Inventory” button.  A dialog box will open:

5.   Save the file (CurrentInventory.csv) to a convenient location on your computer (e.g. your Desktop).

6.   Go to the InstantGMP Export app and click the “Open” button.

7.   Open the CurrentInventory.csv file that was just saved and click the “Export” button.

  • During the first use of the QB Exporter, the following income account will be added or updated: InstantGMP Account.
  • The export function will have the ability to determine if an inventory part is new to QuickBooks.
  • If so, it will add the new inventory items with data such as Item, Material Part #, Quantity on Hand, Unit of Measure, Income Account and Type.
  • The Export function will display the item name, and allow the other fields to be edited prior to export.
  • If any Unit of Measure or Income Account is not already in the QuickBooks desktop, the Export function will add them.
  • If any Vendor is not already in QuickBooks, the Export function will add them.
  • The Export function will have the ability to identify existing Inventory Parts in QuickBooks and update the Quantity on Hand.
  • A notification will appear that new inventory items have been added in QuickBooks since the last Export.
  • After Export, the .csv file will be deleted from your computer.

8.   Click the Done button to close the Material Data Export app.

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