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InstantQMS Setup

In this training session of InstantQMS, we’ll talk about the first steps needed to start using the software.  We will go through the processes of adding personnel, vendor types and vendors.

Adding, Reviewing  & Approving Documents in Document Management System

The InstantQMS™ Document Management System helps manufacturers take charge of the necessary—and continually expanding—array of records and documents that are integral to their quality process. Document management is fully integrated into all InstantGMP software products, so you can quickly and easily organize, manage, control and access your documents at any stage of development.

InstantQMS Vault

This module is used to file non-controlled documents and files that do not need the rigorous control provided by the Document Management System.

Vendor Management Forms

The Vendor Management feature provides a portal where virtual biotech companies can work directly with their vendors to edit and approve quality documents and contracts.

Vendor Management Campaigns

Vendor Management Campaigns allow users to set up a pre-programed steps that can become autonomous.  E-mail notifications and reminders for tasks, reviews and approvals can be sent automatically by the system.

Training Groups and Training Logs

The Training Log acts as a mini-learning management platform where supervisors can store learning materials for personnel, track their progress and, with digital signatures, verify that each assignment was completed. Creating training groups to improve organization is a breeze. If new training materials are added or if retraining is necessary, automatic email alerts notify users. The Training Log can be fully integrated with an optional Learning Management System.

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