Emerald Cup Cracks Down on Contaminated Cannabis

The Emerald Cup is the oldest and most prominent of the various Cannabis cups, but now is becoming a trendsetter in another regard. Tim Blake, the co-founder of the California-based Emerald Cup realized change was necessary when the cup developed a problem with contaminated Cannabis. The cup’s roots are self-identified as hippie. Growers are supposed[…]

California Adds Regulations for E-Cigarettes and Raises Smoking Age

The San Jose Mercury News reports that California is the 2nd state to raise the legal smoking age from 18 to 21 as of a Thursday state Assembly vote. In the new regulations for e-cigarettes, lawmakers tightened and closed existing loopholes in smoke-free workplace laws and now require all K-12 schools be tobacco-free. The bill[…]

Senate Bill 140: California Hearing on Vape Legislation

On Wednesday, July 8th, the California Committee on Governmental Organization will hold a hearing in consideration of Senate Bill 140. The bill would define e-cigarettes as tobacco products and hold retailers to the same licensing fees and rules as tobacco products. This means: Vaping will be prohibited indoors, including vape shops. Customers in vape shops[…]