InstantGMP is a proud Sponsor of the Rocky Mountain Dietary Supplement Forum

InstantGMP is a proud sponsor of the Rocky Mountain Dietary Supplement Forum and will be there on September 24th & 25th InstantGMP is headed to the Rocky Mountain Dietary Supplement Forum to keep up the newest trends in FDA auditing from the experts and insiders!   demonstrating our latest software capabilities. If you are a company[…]

World Vapor Expo Recap

The InstantGMP Vape team had a blast at World Vapor Expo in Miami! Mark Brucker of Sensory Solution spoke about Good Manufacturing Practices in the e-liquid industry. We were impressed with his testing standards. He uses a gas chromatography test on the nicotine used in Sensory Solution’s products. We were quite disappointed some of the[…]

Vapor World Expo Day One

Connecting with current and future InstantGMP Vape customers at Vapor World Expo has certainly been the highlight of our trip so far! With about 110 exhibitors, we won’t get to everyone, but we hope our message of quality and using Good Manufacturing Practices for e-liquids will spread. We caught up with with NicQuids, NicVape, EctoWorld,[…]