A Smooth Process Increases Manufacturing Confidence for MSC

Muscadine Products Corporation (MPC) manufactures a variety of muscadine-derived products including powders, juices and jellies. Prior to discovering InstantGMP MES, the company used what Erin Boettger, Quality Assurance Director, describes as a “loose paper system”. “We had checklists, logs and loose paper everywhere. It was difficult to track. Being in an environment where we produce[…]

Haus Bioceuticals Creates Quality Products with InstantGMP

Cary, NC – Haus Bioceuticals, a pioneer in natural medicine development, began using InstantGMP MES in concert with its full set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in April, 2013. “We had a brand new facility and used InstantGMP as a pillar”, says Adam Payne, COO of Haus Bioceuticals. “We wouldn’t have been able to start[…]

Innovative Formulations Commits to Quality, GMP Compliance and Success

Innovative Formulations, a contract manufacturer of nutraceuticals, celebrates one year of business and GMP compliance with InstantGMP. While clients typically introduce new software during a growth period, Innovative Formulations implemented InstantGMP MES right at the beginning, providing their team a clearly defined blueprint for creating high quality products. “Beginning with the MPR Creation and Requisition[…]