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Preventing Online E-cigarette and Tobacco Sales

Representative Rosa DeLauro introduced the Stop Tobacco Sales to Youth Act of 2015 (HB 3042) yesterday. The bill is basically an amendment to the Jenkins Act, which prohibits the interstate sale of tobacco products. HB 3042 would add electronic cigarettes…

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Are Your Standard Operating Procedures Compliant with GMPs?

Quick question: are your standard operating procedures compliant with GMPs? Interpretation—that elusive mode of perception —is what really drives the degree of actual compliance to regulatory guidelines. Given the general nature of many of these guidelines, the field for interpretation…

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Mount Baker Vapor Leaving Washington State

Would state or city vape regulations ever cause you to move your business elsewhere? Mount Baker Vapor recently announced their move from Bellingham, WA to Mesa, AZ citing onerous state regulations as the reason. House Bill 1645 and House Bill…

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World Vapor Expo Recap

The InstantGMP Vape team had a blast at World Vapor Expo in Miami! Mark Brucker of Sensory Solution spoke about Good Manufacturing Practices in the e-liquid industry. We were impressed with his testing standards. He uses a gas chromatography test…

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