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Vape Expo New Jersey Recap

The InstantGMP team decided to attend Vape Expo New Jersey on the fly this weekend. Vape companies from all over the country attended - some even traveled all the way from California. We were thrilled to catch up with Virgin…

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World Vapor Expo Recap

The InstantGMP Vape team had a blast at World Vapor Expo in Miami! Mark Brucker of Sensory Solution spoke about Good Manufacturing Practices in the e-liquid industry. We were impressed with his testing standards. He uses a gas chromatography test…

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Engredea: New Products and the Definition of Natural

InstantGMP visited Engredea. The question of defining the word "natural" pervaded the event. How much sugar or processing can occur for a product to be considered "natural"? What about insect and botanical waxes, unidentified essential oils and "natural" colorings and…

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