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InstantGMP Adds Costing Report

Cary, NC – InstantGMP, a software company that develops electronic batch software that reinforces Good Manufacturing Practices, recently added a costing report to their MES product. The report breaks down cost estimates per product, per master batch record. This new…

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Anatomy of a SOP: How to Write SOPs

The purpose of any Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to describe a procedure that can be followed consistently throughout an operation. This allows a company to have uniform ways of performing activities. SOPs form the basis of the company’s Quality…

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InstantGMP MES 2.046.002- Quickbooks integration

Release Notes for InstantGMP MES: QuickBooks integration New Functionality Data transfer to Quickbooks - Requisitions and Current Inventory. Added Average Cost/Unity field and Account for Materials - Quickbooks. Added Costing Functionality to BOM Calendar. Material Types are pre-populated and chosen…

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Good Supplement Manufacturing Practices: GMP Specifications

Supplement manufacturing facilities following Good Manufacturing Practices are expected to set, meet and document specifications for all incoming and outgoing materials. Failure to do so could lead to a regulatory action such as an injunction. GMP Specifications are needed for:…

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Inventory Control Series Part 2: Receiving Inventory

In Part 1 of our Inventory Control series, we discussed qualifying suppliers and setting up specifications. In Part 2, Receiving Inventory, we establish best practices for receiving the materials into your dietary supplement manufacturing facility. Following Good Manufacturing Practices means…

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FAQ Friday: Material Specifications

InstantGMP MES controls all material specifications attributes by automatically assigning part numbers. Only approved materials can be used in Batch Production Records. Here are a few frequently asked questions about the material specifications component of the software: Can I import Materials…

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