Election 2016: Will Trump Legalize Medical Marijuana?

Note: This is not an endorsement of Donald Trump. InstantGMP™ will be reporting on various aspects of the Presidential candidates’ platforms and their potential impact. By Kelly L. Waters, Marketing Manager (Ms. Waters does not endorse Trump, she’s just the author) Aside from Medicare concerns and the cost of pharmaceuticals, legalization of medical marijuana is a[…]

Latest InstantGMP Update Includes Improvements to Specifications and Batch Production Records

InstantGMP MES v2.050 will be available on May 30th and is chock full of customer-requested improvements in regards to Specifications and Batch Production Records. Specifications The FDA requires that dietary supplement manufacturers include specifications for verifying the identity of incoming and outgoing materials. The latest MES update improves this process by providing filtering options and[…]

Small Businesses Challenge Indiana’s New Vape Legislation

Now known as the Enrolled Act, Indiana’s House Bill 1432 was officially signed into law on May 5th, 2015. The law issues guidelines for e-liquid manufacturing, ingredients and labels. Shortly after the the law was passed, several e-liquid companies filed federal complaints against the provision that vaping devices must be sealed and non-refillable, also known[…]

Indiana’s HB 1432 Imposes Manufacturing Guidelines for E-liquids

If Indiana’s governor signs House Bill 1432 (HB 1432) into law, e-liquid creators would be subject to new manufacturing, label and ingredient guidelines. Manufacturing All mixing, bottling, and packaging activities must take place in a clean room. The manufacturer must be willing to submit to random audits of the facility and the product itself. The[…]