InstantGMP MES v2.052.000

Let’s take a look at what’s new in the newest release, InstantGMP MES v2.052.000! New Functionalities Expanded badge signature capabilities to system-wide usage. Added new workflows focused on Project Management functionalities allowing for projects to include multiple products for multiple clients with multiple user access control under multiple roles. Added new Material Classifications to help employ[…]

New FDA E-Cigarette Regulations Coming

E-cigarettes will soon be regulated under tobacco products as a rule proposed by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The rule is currently being reviewed by the White House Office of Management and Budget’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. It will be several weeks before the proposed rule is formally approved and any action[…]

Insurers are Treating E-Cigarette Users as Smokers

Do the insurance companies see a difference between e-cigarette users from smokers? It seems that according to James Daley of the Telegraph, apparently not. It’s well known that smokers pay a premium when it comes to health or life insurance, but what about users of e-cigarettes? A recent controversial study said that vaping is 95%[…]

Are e-Cigarettes Really the Answer to Quit Smoking?

Are e-cigarettes an effective way to ease people off of tobacco? Are they safe enough to avoid regulation? According to the GWS News, the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force has offered their thoughts on the subject matter. E-cigarettes continue to gain in popularity and take the place of conventional cigarettes, even though they’re relatively new (since[…]

Rep. Tom Cole Proposes E-Cig Bill

In other vaping news, H.R. 2058 (e-cig bill) is making its way through Congress. Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) has proposed a bill to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to change the grandfather date for products deemed tobacco products. Tom Cole believes that this would be beneficial to companies because they would remain on[…]

Cannabis Oil Not A Dietary Supplement According to the FDA

Cannabis Oil (CBD) producers around the US have a headache. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration concluded that CBD oil is not a dietary supplement. CDAPress has written an amazing article that features subjects from all different sides of the argument. Some say that because it is a hemp product, it’s legal. But the Drug[…]

e-Cigarette FDA Regulations & Small Businesses

According to an article published by TribLive, FDA regulations are looming for companies that make e-Cigarette concoctions. For small companies, that is a daunting task. Alchemy E-lixirs, as featured in the article, is one of many companies that have cashed in on vaping’s popularity but do not have standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place for[…]

Webinar: Federal, State and Self-Regulation of E-cigarettes

InstantGMP Vape, Vape Mentors and EAS Consulting are teaming up to present Dealing with the Man: Federal, State and Self-Regulation of E-cigarettes. The webinar will take place on Tuesday, July 28th at 1 PM ET.  The FDA released its initial proposals for regulating e-cigarettes on April 24th, 2014. The rules would “deem” e-cigarettes as tobacco[…]

Expanded Data Import Service

In addition to new features and improvement with our latest release, we are also expanding our Data Import Service. Previously, this was a one-time service with a fee for additional imports. We are now offering a FREE quarterly Import for all customers with a monthly InstantGMP MES or InstantGMP VAPE subscription. As our customer’s businesses[…]

World Vapor Expo Recap

The InstantGMP Vape team had a blast at World Vapor Expo in Miami! Mark Brucker of Sensory Solution spoke about Good Manufacturing Practices in the e-liquid industry. We were impressed with his testing standards. He uses a gas chromatography test on the nicotine used in Sensory Solution’s products. We were quite disappointed some of the[…]