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InstantGMP MES v2.051

Let's take a look at all the new features, improvements, and fixes in InstantGMP MES v2.051: New Functionalities New barcode scanning solution that enhances material handling. Ability to permanently “hide” and filter Master Records. New system-wide digital signature scheme implementation…

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InstantGMP MES 2.046.002- Quickbooks integration

Release Notes for InstantGMP MES: QuickBooks integration New Functionality Data transfer to Quickbooks - Requisitions and Current Inventory. Added Average Cost/Unity field and Account for Materials - Quickbooks. Added Costing Functionality to BOM Calendar. Material Types are pre-populated and chosen…

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FAQ Friday: Inventory Control for GMP Manufacturers

InstantGMP software includes inventory control tools such as supplier information, specifications, receiving and distribution. Here are a few frequently asked questions about the inventory functions we offer: Where can I enter our own part numbers for raw materials? We do…

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Inventory Control Series Part 2: Receiving Inventory

In Part 1 of our Inventory Control series, we discussed qualifying suppliers and setting up specifications. In Part 2, Receiving Inventory, we establish best practices for receiving the materials into your dietary supplement manufacturing facility. Following Good Manufacturing Practices means…

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Inventory Control Series Part 1: Suppliers and Specifications

Managing inventory in a way that is compliant with GMP can be challenging. Regulatory measures specific to handling inventory are included in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). The regulations apply to all incoming materials, work-in-progress materials, and…

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What is GMP for Dietary Supplement Inventory Control?

Understanding GMP for inventory can be challenging for a growing supplement manufacturing company. InstantGMP is here to make GMP compliance easy for growing dietary supplement businesses while also providing you with accurate information on current Good Manufacturing Practices. How does…

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