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GMP Manufacturing of Dietary Supplements

GMP Manufacturing of Dietary Supplements Not everyone in the dietary supplement business is aware that the FDA now requires Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) in manufacturing, packaging, labeling, or holding operations for dietary supplements. Any company involved has to establish and to…

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Paperless GMP Manufacturing

A paperless GMP manufacturing operation  sounds counter-intuitive. Almost all operations use paper forms especially pharmaceutical GMP manufacturing.   When you think about the simplest processes such as ordering and receiving materials there has to be paper in use.  Or maybe not.…

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Designing a Virtual Quality System

When PharmaDirections undertook a project to design and build a GMP manufacturing facility that would become a site for InstantGMP™ production, one of the key considerations was designing a virtual quality system.  The requirements were to have policies, procedures, documentation…

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The Founding of InstantGMP

The concept behind InstantGMP started in 2004 when PharmaDirections was engaged to build a manufacturing facility that could be mostly operated with remote staff. The infrastructure for virtual drug development was getting better due to the maturity of the internet…

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