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InstantGMP Adds Data Transfer Tool for QuickBooks

Cary, NC - InstantGMP, a company that develops cloud-based electronic batch record software and SOPs specific to the dietary supplement industry, created a data transfer tool that interfaces with QuickBooks Desktop Applications. Users can export inventory and purchase order data…

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Good Supplement Manufacturing Practices: GMP Specifications

Supplement manufacturing facilities following Good Manufacturing Practices are expected to set, meet and document specifications for all incoming and outgoing materials. Failure to do so could lead to a regulatory action such as an injunction. GMP Specifications are needed for:…

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FAQ Friday: Material Specifications

InstantGMP MES controls all material specifications attributes by automatically assigning part numbers. Only approved materials can be used in Batch Production Records. Here are a few frequently asked questions about the material specifications component of the software: Can I import Materials…

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Air Pressure in a Supplement Manufacturing Facility

A member of our GMP for Dietary Supplements group recently inquired about positive air pressure requirements for dietary supplement manufacturing facilities. The short answer is no, there are no specific requirements and there's no minimum for differentiating pressure (DP) for…

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FAQ Friday: Batch Production Records

Batch Production Records (BPR) document the when, how, by whom with what tools and what environment a product was produced. The FDA required Batch Production Records for every batch created in a manufacturing facility. InstantGMP software allows you track batches…

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What is GMP for Dietary Supplement Inventory Control?

Understanding GMP for inventory can be challenging for a growing supplement manufacturing company. InstantGMP is here to make GMP compliance easy for growing dietary supplement businesses while also providing you with accurate information on current Good Manufacturing Practices. How does…

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