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Master Your Master Batch Records

Master Batch Records, also known as Master Production Records and Master Manufacturing Records, are version-controlled templates for your manufacturing process. Dietary supplement manufacturing facilities are required to create these documents and keep them on file, but what exactly is the…

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Language of InstantGMP Software

Let's take a look at the language of the InstantGMP software. You see them on our website, in our training materials and in the software itself - the manufacturing world uses a lot of abbreviations! We've defined a few of…

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cGMP Manufacturing: MBR and BPR Defined

In cGMP manufacturing, all manufacturers are required to keep Master Batch Records (MBRs) and Batch Production Records (BPRs) in order to comply with FDA regulations. Master Batch Records, also known as Master Manufacturing Formulas, are general manufacturing instructions. Each unique formulation…

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A Manifesto for the Emerging Electronic Cigarettes and Vape Industry

By now the public--and increasingly the investment and publicity community--is becoming aware of the growing electronic cigarettes/vape phenomenon. The benefit advocates fall into very different camps: some tout a safer smoking experience without ingesting well-known carcinogens; others promote greater flavor…

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InstantGMP MES Featured in Nutra Ingredients Article

  The InstantGMP MES software and SOPs were recently featured in an article by Hank Schulz, a writer for Nutra Ingredients-USA. His article entitled "Integrated data systems help cut cost of GMP compliance," discusses the challenges dietary supplement companies face…

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New Resouce for Master Manufacturing Formulas

It's hard to find master manufacturing formulas on the internet even though there are as many formulations as there are formulators.  We think it's because almost all dietary supplement formulations are kept as trade secrets.  We decided to take a…

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