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InstantGMP MES 2.046.002- Quickbooks integration

Release Notes for InstantGMP MES: QuickBooks integration New Functionality Data transfer to Quickbooks - Requisitions and Current Inventory. Added Average Cost/Unity field and Account for Materials - Quickbooks. Added Costing Functionality to BOM Calendar. Material Types are pre-populated and chosen…

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FAQ Friday: Batch Production Records

Batch Production Records (BPR) document the when, how, by whom with what tools and what environment a product was produced. The FDA required Batch Production Records for every batch created in a manufacturing facility. InstantGMP software allows you track batches…

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InstantGMP MES software automatically adds part numbers

The InstantGMP™ MES software automatically generates and tracks the numbers that are assigned in various stages of material control and manufacturing, and assures that your materials and batches are made in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Allowing the system to…

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InstantGMP MES Featured in Nutra Ingredients Article

  The InstantGMP MES software and SOPs were recently featured in an article by Hank Schulz, a writer for Nutra Ingredients-USA. His article entitled "Integrated data systems help cut cost of GMP compliance," discusses the challenges dietary supplement companies face…

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