Specification Improvements Explained

The latest version of InstantGMP MES includes improvements to the Specifications module. These improvements include filtering options and the ability to view all pertinent information on one page. Our hope is that these changes make your use of the Specifications function easier. Gretchen, our Customer Service Associate and Quality Expert, explains the changes in just[…]

InstantGMP MES Software Version 2.050.001

New Functionality Streamlined workflow for Specifications with fewer screens and the ability to filter by “Pending Approval”, “Approved” and “All”. Option to allow or disallow Finished Goods and Works-in-Progress from Master Production Record Bill of Materials. Ability to assign personnel a default role on the TPersonnel screen. Ability to sort Batch Production Records by issuance[…]

InstantGMP MES 2.046.002- Quickbooks integration

Release Notes for InstantGMP MES: QuickBooks integration New Functionality Data transfer to Quickbooks – Requisitions and Current Inventory. Added Average Cost/Unity field and Account for Materials – Quickbooks. Added Costing Functionality to BOM Calendar. Material Types are pre-populated and chosen from a drop-down box. Improvements Vendor name included on additional screens for easier traceability. Prevents[…]

InstantGMP Adds Data Transfer Tool for QuickBooks

Cary, NC – InstantGMP, a company that develops cloud-based electronic batch record software and SOPs specific to the dietary supplement industry, created a data transfer tool that interfaces with QuickBooks Desktop Applications. Users can export inventory and purchase order data from InstantGMP and upload it to QuickBooks instead of updating it in multiple applications.  The[…]