Indiana Looking to “Shake Up” the E-Liquid Industry with Regulations

House Bill 1432 authored by an Indiana Representative Kevin Mahan is turning heads. The Bill is looking to set a legal definition of an e-liquid, and require manufacturers of e-liquids to undergo rigorous standardization lest incurring civil or criminal penalties. Portions of the bill have passed and are slated to go into effect in July[…]

Are Your Standard Operating Procedures Compliant with GMPs?

Quick question: are your standard operating procedures compliant with GMPs? Interpretation—that elusive mode of perception —is what really drives the degree of actual compliance to regulatory guidelines. Given the general nature of many of these guidelines, the field for interpretation is wide open, increasing the chance of misunderstanding. Enough service providers to the regulated industry[…]

Webinar Preview: Capturing Processes for MBRs

Webinar Preview: Capturing Processes for MBRs On Tuesday, April 21st, InstantGMP and dietary supplement regulatory expert Marian Boardley present Tips for GMP Compliant Master Batch Records. There’s still time to sign up! We will be sharing common issues with Master Batch Records that lead for 483s and how you can avoid them.   MBRs are[…]

Recent Vape Regulation News out of Utah

A substituted version of House Bill 415 is currently being debated on the Utah House Floor and will be voted on soon. If passed, the bill will: Define e-cigarettes as tobacco products Issue requirements for labels and child-resistant packaging Does not preempt local legislation, so retailers and manufacturers may be dealing with conflicting legislation Restricts[…]

SOPs: The Foundation of an FDA regulated Quality System

SOPs, or Standard Operating Procedures, are integral to a complete quality system for your dietary supplement manufacturing facility.  SOPs provide specific instructions for completing an operation and are based on Policies, which are controlled documents that guide the executive management team towards compliant business practices. Implementing SOPs throughout the manufacturing process will ensure that you[…]

Webinar Preview: The Foundation of a Quality System and Implementing SOPs

Next Tuesday, InstantGMP and EAS Consulting Group present SOPs: The Foundation of a Quality System. There’s still time to sign up! We will be sharing helpful information on SOPs including the outline of an SOP and examples of how SOPs are applied throughout the manufacturing process. Webinar Preview: Implementation While the overall purpose of implementing[…]

InstantGMP Attending Engredea Expo in Anaheim!

The InstantGMP Team is excited to be attending Engredea March 6-8 in Anaheim, California! This year, the conference will focus on addressing the challenges of creating quality natural products and supplements. Engredea features seminars on clean labels, improving the manufacturing process and the future of the natural products market. This conference is co-located with Natural[…]

Manufacturing Facility Webinar on Standard Operating Procedures

Cary, NC – With the quality and purity of dietary supplements recently being called into question, establishing a quality system is paramount to ensuring products are safe. Writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is the first step in creating this system for a manufacturing facility. InstantGMP and EAS Consulting Group will host a webinar, “SOPs: The[…]

SOPs Webinar: The Foundation of a Quality System

This month, InstantGMP and EAS Consulting will host SOPs: The Foundation of a Quality System. The webinar, presented by support associate and quality expert Gretchen Rizor, will provide information on why Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are needed, what information should be included in the documents. We will show specific examples of how SOPs would be[…]

GMP Certification: How to Prepare to be Certified

GMP Certification means that a manufacturing facility, its policies and SOPs have been evaluated by a 3rd party organization. It’s important to know that the FDA itself does not certify nor does it recognize certifications. However, there are other benefits to certification including marketing, company reputation, consumer requirements or simply to take an extra step[…]